Owner/Qualified Lash & Brow Artist/Tutor


Titihuia Heremaia owner of Huia Beauty NZ, I am a proud Maori living in South Auckland, New Zealand. Raised mainly in a small town Whakatane where my grandparents played a huge role in my life. I am a wife and we have 5 children altogether, we are a blended family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. After I became a qualified nail artist in 2018 I realized it wasn’t for me and tried the master course for eyelash extensions, brow design and lash lifts and only then I found myself feeling so passionate and wanted to not only help people enhance there natural beauty but I loved to help make people feel good about themselves as well. Helping people is my purpose and being an artist is my passion, I want to help people into employment and to help people start there own businesses or side hustles in the lash & brow industry. I am so grateful for this journey I have endeavored. I welcome you on this journey with me, Thankyou 


- Titihuia from Huia Beauty NZ